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Balance Screening & A Matter of Balance

Sponsored by York Hospital!

Educational Program

These events are meant to help identify balance and strength concerns, and to empower you to promote active independence through awareness of risks, and to share resources related to fall prevention for older adults and their families.

Balance Screening: Have your balance checked with 3 quick activities and learn about different risk factors such as balance, blood pressure, and medications that may contribute to your chance of falling. Friday, Sept. 7 from 1-3pm.

A Matter of Balance Workshop (8 week commitment) Do you have Concerns about Falling? You’ll learn a gentle exercise program, home safety tips, and how to get up if you’ve had a fall – Gain confidence and reduce your risk of falls.  Friday, Sept. 14—Friday, November 9 from 1-3pm.  (No class on Friday, October 12.)  Limited to 15 students.

Both are free. To register for either event, please call Susan at Southern Maine Agency on Aging at 207-396-6578.


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